Well, I said that I would post more often, and since my last post was sometime in January, this is it. Apparently, referring to buying a decanter for my Glenlivet as getting a gift for my favorite 12 year old is a sure way to draw dirty looks during the holiday season. Well, you can’t win them all. I just finished my second semester of law school, and now I’m enjoying the passage from 1L to 2L. It’s a strangely wonderful feeling, largely because the path was laden with so few wonderful feelings. All I can say is that it hurt so good. Law school involves a peculiar variety of masochism in that almost every day is a trial by fire. Hardly a day goes past in which either the professor grills you to divine your understanding, or that you live in mortal fear of the same. It does get a little better as time passes, but the fundamental fears still are the same. Also, it’s important to note that a loss of that fear is nothing to want. The fear of being embarrassed in front of your fellow students and the professor is what can drive you to maintain a level of quality in your studies. But enough about that topic… (more…)

It’s been a while since I’ve added a new update to my personal site. For those of you who don’t know, a very large Uninterupterable power supply that I was lifting slipped from my hands and landed on my toe on Halloween, so I got to spend the evening in the emergency room as opposed to spending it dressed as the Bishop of Oxford. Other than that, things have been well. My toe is healing nicely, and I’m getting ready to move. Madison is a wonderful city, however I think a change of scenery is about due. Unfortunately, most of my friends are still right here in the southern Wisconsin area, so I’ll still be visiting fairly often for business and pleasure. I just got back from a Shrine ceremonial (where we induct new members into the Shriners) and I’m a little tired. I’m still planning on posting a few comments about last semester, but that will have to wait for another day. There are a few classes I would like to suggest, and a few I’d like to pan.

And with that, goodnight

I realized that I was neglecting my weblog (I hate the words blog, blogger, and the like) and I thought it was time I broke my neglect. Generally I try to avoid making entries for the sake of making entries, simply because the world is already inundated enough with mindless chatter, and I don’t want to contribute.

Last weekend was Bockfest at Capital Brewery in Middleton (right outside of Madison for the uninitiated) and I managed to spend almost the entire weekend in my room writing papers and dealing with a massive stack of paperwork that I’ve been neglecting. I think I’m through the worst of it, but I still have some various accounting tasks to get out of the way. Lately, Ive been spending most of my time with classwork and catching up on my periodical reading. I love The Economist, however weighing in at approximately 100 pages per issue, I’ve been having problems setting aside enough time to wade my way through it before a new issue comes out. This leaves me with no time to even begin on the Atlantic, but thankfully it’s a monthly.

Speaking of which, I wonder what a lot of other people read. In the last week I’ve heard quite a few criticisms of the president, and while I think he could be doing things differently, I don’t harbor the virulent hate that a seemingly large swath of our society is burning with. (more…)