Well, for those of you who haven’t heard already, I successfully passed the February 2010 Wisconsin Bar Exam, and have been certified eligible for admission to the practice of law in Wisconsin. The good news is that I passed. The worrying news is that I have to go find a job, preferably one in my chosen profession. With this in mind, I am planning on opening shop in my home town of Edgerton, Wisconsin. This seemed like a good idea about a year ago, when there was little competition, but now there are at least three other firms located in this city with a total population of under 5,000.

While these figures are worrisome, I have been bombarded with questions from friends, family, and acquaintances since my graduation from law school. Soon, I can replace “I’m not a lawyer yet” with an actual opinion that might actually provide guidance on the matters I am quizzed about. I think if I can turn even a fraction of these people into actual clients, I might be able to make a go of it anyway.

Part of the reason for my interest in hanging my shingle in Edgerton is that I am heavily invested in the community. I bought a house in downtown last year, and my great-grandfather bought a farm right outside of the same town a century ago this year. My family lives there and operates the farm to this day. I grew up here as did generations before me. As many friends as I have made in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago, I came back to discover that I still had plenty of friends in my home town. I have enjoyed every city I have lived in, however I think I would rather raise a family and build a practice in the only one I’ve ever really considered home.

With that in mind, it’s good to be home.

Yes, I am aware I still have a website, and no I am not going to be updating it regularly for the time being. Well, now that I’ve got that out of the way, you’re probably looking for an explanation (or a link to money saving coupons, which is not what this site does). Long story short, yes I did graduate from law school, and I am busy studying for the bar exam. Studying takes up most of my day, every day, so I have little to devote to updating this site. Also, after spending six hours studying the law of Real Property, I really don’t have anything to say that isn’t either incredibly boring or just plain disturbing. For all of you who can’t wait to hear me talk about equitable servitudes and the Rule Against Perpetuities , do not despair. Sometime in early March, I’ll be ready, willing, and able to expound on this blog about all things tech and all things legal.

Until then, may all of your remainders be indefeasibly vested,


I’ve been doing some occasional web site development for a few friends, and I decided to take a look at my own site. This place has seen far better days. I have been caught up in my day-to-day operations so long that I have largely forgotten to post to my own blog. Just a few posts ago, I’m inviting people to the Spring 2006 Rush events at my fraternity. I keep repeating this, but I need to start posting useful updates again. And hopefully I will.

Life in Chicago is fun, and I am actually enjoying law school (I generally don’t admit that to people, however my secret is safe here, as nobody really reads this site.) I’m thinking about writing about information privacy and security issues more often, however I am not sure whom my audience is. Whatever I post, it will be a welcome change from the last 228 days since I posted last.

Well, my blog is becoming a bi-yearly publication, so here is the summer 2008 edition. Things seem to be going pretty well, as I’m splitting my time this summer between Chicago and Southern Wisconsin. It’s not been the most productive summer, but it has been worthwhile nonetheless. I spent a week in Las Vegas to attend a friend’s wedding and had a great time, in spite of the fact that I don’t really gamble. I’m attending another wedding this week that promises to be less fun, as the bride and groom recently alienated the best man. It’s long and somewhat complicated, however it’s not entirely unexpected.

This weekend I’ll be back in my home town of Edgerton where I will be driving a mini-car in the Tobacco Heritage Days Parade on Sunday. I’ll also be at the Fulton Lodge F&AM Fish Fry on Friday afternoon. Beyond that, I’m also seeing some family that’s visiting from out of town and going to a few weekend parties.

I’ll probably write an update on the results of the weekend, however it might be just in time for the Winter ’08-Spring ’09 edition.

Lion outside of the Art Institute (Closeup)Lions outside of the Art Institute.Well, the Chicago Bears are headed to the Super Bowl and it shows. The entire city is awash in blue and orange as the faithful celebrate the first time the Bears are headed
to the bowl since 1985. I feel a little like a pilgrim in an unholy land, but there are a few other Packers fans around here, so I don’t entirely feel left out. I don’t think I really have anything better to write, so I think I’ll hold off for now. I mainly just wanted to post some photos I shot this Friday. I’m planning on doing some sort of photologue on my experiences in the city over the next few months. Check back here for updates in the near future, as I plan on adding more commentary on the whole law school experience also.

And here I am.  I said I would put something here, but as things piled up at the end of the semester, I took quite a long hiatus from writing here.  For those who don’t know, I graduated this spring, and I am going to law school next year.  I’m looking forward to it, but I’ll present the details later.

What I wanted to focus this posting on was how the end of the semester went.  I will probably write a full length article on this at some point, but this was one of my most eye opening semesters.  I took classes not because they were directly applicable to my major, but because they filled a credit hole that I had.  Although I wasn’t exceedingly excited by my class lineup, I think I learned more that I can actually apply to the world around me this semester than any previous semester.  A deeper understanding of literature and the arts can deepen the enjoyment that one experiences when they interact with it.  In the next couple of weeks, I’ll post more information on the classes and professors that made all the difference.  I have a new job now, so I am still easing into the schedule.  Expect more posts more frequently soon.  I’ve been in a little rut lately, but I’m enjoying the summer here in Madison.

I’ve been stuck with a cold for the last few days, and I spent most of the evening in bed. Then around midnight, I woke up, and now I can’t get back to sleep. I started going though some of my music, and I started pulling out all of the stuff that I listened to when I was a senior in High School and a college freshman.

As I listened, memories and ideas flooded back to me as if a cognitive levee had finally given way. I find it amazing that music can evoke such a strong reaction years after events occurred, and how events can be so strongly associated with songs that I’ve heard hundreds of times on the radio.

Additionally, I sort of miss being a novice audiophile. It’s sort of hard to discuss the latest albums and oddities with a house full of people who thing that Usher or one of a plethora of boy bands (their names escape me, because they all sound too similar.) Gone are the days I would talk about Moby’s latest album or what new groups were emerging in the genres of alternative, punk, electronica and ska.

Now it’s even worse. The only Alternative radio station in Madison (although it was controlled by Clear Channel) has changed formats once again to they can compete with the many other country western stations in southern Wisconsin. Now all that is left is a rock station that spends most of its time playing metal bands, an adult contemporary station that makes my skin crawl with it’s strange mix of pseudo-sophisticate babble and boring music, and a station that has a computer that plays random music from the 80s, 90s and today. So far, the computer wins, because there is no DJ to interject mindless comments, and I think the computer is picking better songs.

There are few stations that play anything new or eclectic these days unfortunately. In lieu of this, I find my self looking for odd music on my own (with a few pointers from Andy Shell). This has led me to the interesting music of Hasidic reggae singer Matisyahu, the hard to describe music of Gogol Bordello, and The Epoxies (Synth/punk/New Wave band from Portland, Oregon).

And with that, I think I’m going to chug some Nyquil and (hopefully) fall asleep

MirrorxmasDisco.jpgMichelle needs to post to her blog really bad.

Danzig has a little door… send goats.

I started my first website in 1995 shortly after my local BBS (electronic Bulliton Board System to the uniniated) called JADE (Janesville Area Data Exchange) started dialup service.  That’s when I had somthing like 5mb hosting space in a subdirectory, and open source was not yet a household word (is it now?).  Now it’s the beginning of 2006, and I’ve moved my site from place to place and I’ve changed the content over and over (at one point I had a java-based Pac-Man clone at my site, and there was that era where I had a lot of outside content management vendors inserting up to date news and weather into my site before RSS took care of that.  Then I-syndicate started charging for their crappy content, and I figured that maybe the role of my personal site should shift from being a one stop shop for current news, weather, and info to one more of just things relating directly to me.  So here we are, with my clattering my keyboard at 2a central time here blithering about times past.  Don’t worry, at some point  I’ll actually get on to what is currently happening to me.  I’ll let you know how my Fraternity is running, and how life is going in my native Edgerton, even though I don’t actually live there.  (Madison is close enough)

 We have some elections to look forward to and plenty of work ahead.  Hooray for public discourse.  I’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening and what to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

If you want to know more about me, follow this link


[update] I fixed the link above.  It should work now.

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